Be A Guest Blogger

We welcome guest bloggers on the Author Patron blog. While priority blogging is given to our Featured Members, you can use the calendar below to check availability and choose your date.

What types of blogs do we want?

We're looking for business-related blogs. While you can certainly mention a book blurb, link, and cover, the blog must be related to the business of writing with preference given to blogs that relate directly to sustainable and crowdfunding. Some suggested topics:

  • What worked for you to grow your Patreon
  • How to promote your Patreon or membership program in your books
  • How to share it on social media
  • Suggestions for Teirs/Perks
  • What unique thing have you done with your Patreon/sustainable funding?
  • Do you do something else to earn money from your writing/sell more books?

To sign up, check the calendar below and fill out the registration form. We'll get back to you shortly. If you have any questions, please feel free to check our support documents or contact us. We post guest blogs on Saturday or Sunday.

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