An author who also produces and sells handcrafted items through an Etsy or eBay store might wonder if Author Patron really is for them. Can it help them? I mean we talk a lot about crowdfunding and sustainable funding models. Where do stores like eBay or Etsy fit into them?

Well the good news is that we're not just limited to sites like Patreon or Ko-Fi. We welcome authors to also list their eBay or Etsy stores.

Readers want to not just support authors, but also learn more about what authors do. When an author also has a skill or craft that they share, then this is something readers are interested in and want to know about. They want to see everything an author does, and if they're so inclined, purchase.

I've seen authors who make soap, who make jewelry, who knit and crochet. They do beautiful work that deserves a wider audience. I hope that by listing them on our site, that we can help bring that.

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