One of the biggest things I hear from authors about starting a Patreon or even a blog is that they don't know what to provide. They have nothing to write. Now that sounds silly coming from people who sell books consisting solely of what they've written, but I understand. You want to provide content for your readers that's engaging, something extra, and most importantly something that they're willing to pay for.

It takes a bit of planning. Even if you're jotting down blogging ideas, either as you come up with them or so you know what you're writing, or both, you need some sort of system.

There are blogging mentors and social media gurus who will offer you social media planners. Many of them offer these things for free if you subscribe to their newsletter. If you're looking for something in more depth, by all means try them out. One size does not fit everyone and you may go through a few planners before you decide which one you want.

However, I think the simplest solution is also the easiest so let's start with this question. Do you want a solution that's portable and goes with you or do you do most of your writing in one place and prefer a paper planner? Click To Tweet

For those who prefer a paper planner then a weekly planner I've found works well. Not only do you get to choose one with cute pictures or relating to your interests, but the space is just about ideal for writing down ideas, import dates, deadlines, and so forth. You don't even have to buy one. A notepad or even a calendar printed out of Word or online will do the same job.

If you need something that goes with you, then it will come down to technology. I take my laptop everywhere I may be working so for me, I use an excel spreadsheet. Each day gets a row. Each blog gets a column. That's what I'm writing. A program like OneNote or Trello will also help you keep things organized. If it's a multi-author blog or Patreon, then something like a Google Calendar that everyone can access or a Google Doc (Trello is also able to be accessed by multiple people, as are many other planning software programs like Asana) might be your best option.

Again, you may have to experiment. I've found being able to plan my content creation helps me blog on a regular schedule, keep to a theme, and allows me to come up with new ideas.

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