One of the selling points of Ko-Fi, Patreon, and other sites is that it allows you to leverage the power of small payments, such as $1-2 in order to garner more support. The goal is that the more people you can get to support you at a smaller level, the bigger your base and the more money you can raise.

However, someone told me not to bother with micropayments and that sponsored blogs was where it was at. I'd like to refute that statement. There's no such thing as too small a payment or support. Why do I say that? Because not only do small amounts add up when people band together, but also, even the smallest $1/month supporter can make you feel as if you are ready to go on. It can be the boost you need to know that you gained a new $1/month supporter, because it means that someone believes in you.

For the average writer I know, even something as small as an extra $5 or $10, can really make a difference. I also think that micropayments are like snowballs. The more you get, the more they pick up steam. I think looking at them as small pieces of a larger whole also helps.

The bottom line, for a great many writers, it's a folly to dismiss smaller payment funding streams as being not enough. It's like the thirty five cent payments from $0.99 short stories adding up.

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