In the previous blog, I talked about how Author Patron helps readers. Today I want to talk about how Author Patron helps authors. Our goal is to connect authors with readers who want to support them.

Authors receive a free listing for their Patreon link and so much more.

All of our listings include a place to provide your social media links, your newsletter signup link, your website, a link to a lead magnet, as well as information to write about you, your Patreon, and upload pictures. When you're listing with us, you're not just putting up a link to one thing, but to anywhere readers may want to connect with you. We've also included special links for BookBub and GoodReads profile.

Our author newsletter provides articles related to the business of publishing as well as discounts and deals.

When you check "I'm an author" on our newsletter sign up you'll be signing up for our author focused newsletter. We, along with My Author Home, will be publishing articles on author business, as well as providing special discounts and deals.

Featured members receive extra promotion

Have your books shown on our website. Upload your blog links to be aggregated to our followers. Participate in other promotional opportunities that we offer.

If there's something you would like us to add as a feature, let us know! We look forward to having you join us. See our Pricing and Features.

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