Author Patron provides a listing for authors who have crowdfunding/sustainable funding platforms, which may leave readers wondering why they should sign up for our newsletter or what they can find here. The good news is that Author Patron is for readers too.

Readers can search our listings to find authors to support. By going through our listings, readers can find new authors to support, their social media links, even their website to sign up for their newsletter. We also provide a space for authors to link to their free books.

Readers subscribed to our newsletter will receive notices of new authors, as well as author posts. A couple of times a month, we'll send out our reader newsletter which will list the new authors added to our site (both free and Featured listings), as well as the posts shared by our featured authors, along with any other blog posts we have.

We'll also have periodic giveaways and events. Readers will be notified about this first in our newsletter, so that's another reason to sign up.

Our goal is to bring authors and readers together, and we're always looking for ways to provide additional ways to do so. I encourage readers to join us so they don't miss out on the fun. Sign up for our newsletter today.

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