Writing into the void is a common concern among writers. Whether it's social media posts, blog posts, or even books or short stories, writers worry that whatever they write won't be read. It's the same with Patreon (or Ko-Fi) posts. What if no one reads them?

It helps to think about Patreon posts as part of your platform. Anything you write from books to blogs, will help build your platform. Patreon is no different. Click To Tweet

In this way, your Patreon posts may not gain traction at first, but then again, when combined with your social media and book release strategy, they might do more than you think. They're also evergreen. When you post something to your Patreon, it will be there until you delete it. That means when you do get patrons, they will be able to see it and will get more value for their membership.

In other words, it's okay if it doesn't get a lot of eyeballs. It's content you can use and you can share. Keep it fresh. Keep it something that would be related to your books or writing that isn't horribly dated, and you'll find that it is a useful part of your platform for a long time into the future.


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