As you look at various author profiles, you might be wondering what's the difference between Patreon and Ko-Fi. Some authors have one or the other. Some authors, like myself, have both. So what's the difference?

Think if Patreon like a membership program. You set up tiers, or levels of support. Many authors have them starting as little as $1-$3, and then give out benefits at the various levels. This is designed to be ongoing support that helps to sustain the author or creator. The hope is that by giving out things that may not otherwise be available, or by providing them early you'll encourage participation.

But sometimes readers want to do a one-time donation and while a paypal button works, so too does Ko-Fi, which is derived from the phrase "buy me a coffee." It's intent is that if the reader enjoys the author's work, then the reader will, in essence, buy the author a coffee or drop them $3-5 (or more) as a tip. There's a Gold version of Ko-Fi which allows subscriptions and additional bonuses, so it can be used like a subscription model as well. However the free version is simply a tip jar.

These two avenues are great things for an author to have in a toolkit for getting sustainable funding from readers. Want to learn more? Reach out!

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