As an author you have enough to do with writing and editing and marketing. You may be wondering why starting something else like a Ko-Fi or a Patreon. After all, if you go the Patreon route, then you'll have to create content, hope that the reader will respond to it, rinse and repeat to grow the platform.

However, there is a purpose behind having sustainable funding, rather than just to have another thing to do.

The purpose of sustainable funding is to provide a stable, steady source of income between sales. Click To Tweet

Even if you're putting out books fairly regularly, the publishing business is one of peaks and valleys. Not only are there the natural cycles that books go through with most of the sales coming right after the initial release and then tapering off with occasional spikes when promotion or sequels release, but there's also the peaks and valleys in book sales that can occur with events outside the author's control.

The sustainable funding of Patreon (or other sites) is designed to protect against that. It's a way to keep things moving, hopefully with steady income to help take a little bit of the stress out of being an author.

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