A question that gets asked often is "When should I start a Patreon?" or some other sustainable funding source? Many authors feel that they're not "big enough" or they don't have a big enough following. They might know what they have to offer, though that's a different topic.

The answer? As soon as you can. Here's my thoughts as to why.

1. It doesn't cost you anything. Much like securing all your pen names on social media, setting up a Patreon doesn't cost anything and it can be there when you're ready to launch it. There's no issue with it sitting fallow.

2. You can include it in your marketing. I'm a believer in reusing content. Write a story or use "behind the scenes" snippets or "deleted scenes" to help populate some perks. Even if it's just one a month or a short letter from you. Include it in your marketing. Who knows? Someone may toss $1 to their local author each month.

3. You might be surprised. We're in a saturated market and times are not easy at the moment. Even still, if you set one up, you might be surprised. Once you do, what's your first step? List it with us!

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