While it's a wonderful thing to get new supporters to your Patreon each month, and obviously that's a goal that all of us have (and one of the reasons why I built this site), your Patreon can grow stagnant. Subscriber growth will slow, sometimes stop all together. When that happens you may feel disappointed, frustrated, and wonder what to do.

While there's no one real reason why this happens, it can occur for a few different reasons.

1. Have your promotion efforts changed or grown repetitive?

I admit, I'm a bit guilty of this one myself. I schedule promotional tweets to go out each day and sometimes I just don't have the brain power to think of something new or witty to say. So I schedule the tweets at the same time, the same thing, and after a while they become white noise. Or maybe you've lapsed in posting on social media or even talking about your Patreon at all? It happens. But when things grow stagnant, look at your promotional efforts and see what may have happened there.

2. Is your content getting old?

Maybe you're posting the same things over and over again. If that's the case, then you may want to mix up your content. Think about posting new things. Perhaps a poll or a game. Share a cover reveal or a work in progress. Give a sneak peak, or spend a weekend and write a short story just for your subscribers. The possibilities are endless!

3. Do you need to re-energize yourself?

There's nothing wrong with taking a break or even thinking about new ways to change or focus your Patreon. Sure, there will be fear there that your supports may not be there when you get back, but if you're feeling burnt out on it, then it's going to show.

Sometimes just talking with other people helps. And last but not least, we all go through these phases. Knowing this is half the battle, and a good way to get yourself back on your feet.

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