As authors, we're always concerned about reaching our readers. If we publish a book, will they come? When we post on our blog, will our readers see it and respond? Our Patreons are no different. We worry, especially if we have a low number of supporters that what we post won't reach anyone. And if we're not reaching any readers, then why bother?

Much like the new publishing paradigm has turned us into looking at "the long tail" (in other words, getting new readers involved in previous books and purchasing them), so too our Patreons are much like that. What we post may only have a limited audience now, but as we grow our Patreon, we'll also be reaching readers who may loop back into our old posts and enjoy them. Perhaps a series we were doing for earlier subscribers now resonates with them, and they in turn, may recommend it to others.

The truth is we just don't know. And taking a look at anything, including our publishing prospects, based on our numbers NOW, doesn't take into consideration the work we're going to do to grow our fan and reader base. We may say that we have low sales and/or few patrons NOW, but in three or six months, as we get out there and do more work, we may find our prospects vastly different and much improved.

If we're working from the heart, writing what we're doing, putting out the best words possible, then we'll find our readers. The important thing is that we keep putting out content and writing. Because someone out there is reading and appreciating it.

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